Dear, ORC

Right now I am reading only the good spy young by Ally Carter. It is the 3rd book in the series.

Cammie Morgan is the main character and she goes to a spy school that is just for girls. Rachel Morgan is Cammie's mom. Later in the book boys from blackthorn (a boy spy school) come to her school. She also gets a new teacher his name is joe and now he is very dangerous because he is part of the circle (it is the opposite of the CIA).

I think that the book is just for girls but it's a very good book. I like the book because it a little bit of every thing in it. One of my favorite parts in the book was when the Cammie Morgan just found out that her dad's best friend (joe) had killed her dad. It was also my favorite part because like the way that she found out. "I don't think Rachel Morgan would want work with the man who killed her husband". I loved Cammie was so shocked and how nobody saw it coming. Out of all of the books this one is my favorite because it had a lot of life and death parts. It also had a lot shocking part too like the one that I just showed you. I really like Ally Carter's writing and how she makes you want to read the next book. I hope in the future I will get to read more of Ally Carter's books



Dear ORC

I am reading the 3rd book of the percy jackson and the olympians series. I am only on page 14 and it's not that good yet but it will probably get better. It is about him going to a new school and getting a tour from cheerleaders who are monsters.Then they try to kill him. While that is happening a mortal is trying to help him. The monsters after turn into dust and then percy has to leave because they could come back.

It is like the other book that I wrote about(only the good spy young). It has a lot of life and death stuff in it. I hope this book gets better in the end because I don't really want to read this book as much as I use to.