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WW: I think I have improved as a writer this year, mainly because my essays are starting to improve. I am using more detail and more metaphor. I enjoyed writing small moment stories, and the Watson's essay. For most of my life, I have enjoyed writing, and coming up with new stories.
After finishing my Watson's essay, I realized that it was really good, and I enjoyed watching it over and over again. My favorite part of the Watson's essay was finding the pictures. I hope that my writing improves every year, and maybe I could publish more of my own books (on I also feel that I could improve on the usage of metaphors. Sometimes I always think I could do a little better.

RW: I think my reading skills are getting better each year by a little. Even though I don't like reading, I still think I have improved a little. I don't really think I have much more to say for the reading part.