I have shown courage a lot in my life, one time I have shown courage in my life was when I went to the hands on museum in Ann Arbor. How I showed courage was I rode a bike along a very thin wire very high up about 2 stories up. But what I was the most scared about was once you made it to the other side you had to ride backwards to where you started. Another way that I showed courage was I went on my first roller coaster in Ceader Point. This was the Maverick the roller coaster that looked like it had the most loops and twirls and inverts. But it turned out that it was the best roller coaster that I had gone on in the whole day.

Two Goals for Courage:
- Go outside of my confer zone
- Not be afraid to do something

My Favorite Quote:

Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.



One time I have shown curage in my life is basicly some times at school. I show honesty by not giving excuses when I dont have my home work. This showes honesty because I was not lying and saying something like a meteor crashen and aliens took my homework. Another time I showed Honesty was when I broke something and told my parents that I did it.

Two goals for honesty:
  • tell someone that I did something that was bad


Half truth is a whole lie