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Dear, ORC
I am reading “War of the World’s” by H.G Wells. This book is about a man name wells who sees a blast off of hit telescope but this is not only a blast this is the start of a war a great war a war that could end the human race, the war of two worlds. The Martians are fighting hard in there robotic wrecking machines Great cities are being destroyed human’s fleet in panic. The Martians wreck everything in their path. We may take one down but they can rebuild themselves, mankind is in grave danger, the Martians are unstoppable.

I think that the main idea is perseverance because “We the people” just will not give up because they can rebuild themselves we will take them down no matter how hard they try we will not give up. I also think that another main idea is courage because even though the Martians are like unstoppable we still have the courage to fightback and keep fighting and I am predicting that we will win because 75% of the time there is a happy ending. On page 215 Wells has the courage to go back to town where the Martians are and he sees all of the wreckege that the Martians have caused, he finds dead bodys every where. If aliens were attacking your city would you have the courage to go back to town? How would you react? What would you do? I know that for shoure I would not run away and not go near that city.
I would like Mr. J to know that this book is great so far, and I am almost finished with it. I think that so far this book has had some very intreging parts and some very good medifors. I would recommend this book to anyone because I really like this book it is great. So if you like action books this should be the book that you want in your hands next.