Aaron's Science

The Biome Prezi

I think that this is one of my favorite piece of work that I have done because it was a fun project to do and really worked your communication skills. I think it worked our communication skills because we had to all figure out times to work on our prezi outside of school. This is because more than one person could not edit the prezi at one time. I selected this peice of work because it makes us use our 21st century skills. Like I said communication skills and all of these skills tie into the learning journey. I would probably work more on the transitions and adding more pictures and more descriptive sentences. I think that in the beginning of the year I was lazy and not turning assignments in and not being on task of assignmets but now I am more on task and focused. I have learned to all ways read before you get information and type it off of an website. I found that finding the information was the most challenging part because you needed to find the right information in order to have a good project.

Water cycle cartoon

This is my favorite piece because it gives everybody a chance to let there minds go free and design a cartoon that is related to our class unit of the water system (cycle).I selected this piece of work to show for my portfolio because it is a fun project or idea to share with my parents and maybe make them laugh about some of my work (in a good way). If I could work more on this project I would make it more colorful and a little more classy. I think that my work ethic for this project was at a
very low expectation point because I turnd it in late and got a bad grade.I learned that if you put you mind to it you can acheave greatniss. I still found this assignment challenging because it was hard to combine the water cycle and fun togeather in a comic.

Stop Motion Video Reflection:

The thing I most enjoyed about this project was that we get to draw pictures which I love. I learned as a teammate that stop motion videos are harder than we thought especially on whiteboards. I also learned my team can work great together if we put our minds to it. The one thing that we could have changed is to change the angles of the pictures. We hope you enjoyed the video.

My Prezi