Old Times

Eleven write off
I remember when I was in 3rd grade and I was in sinora gieslers class and we had a project that was due.
"Ok Aaron come up and show me your project" I was so nervese it was the end of the year and my grade was based on this project. I could hear my heart beating THUMP, THUMP. "What do you call this" said sinora giesler "my project" I responded confidently "you copied and paisted this didn't you" "what" I responded "I did this all by my self." " You need to redo thi..." I walk away, then tears start to form. At this instant I feel almost like I am two and a kid pulled a sucker out of my mouth, my got so red it looked as if lava was going to burst out of my face. But I still got an A on the project so after all... I was Happy.

Topic: Family
Swoosh it was a cold windy day and we were playing hockey on my cousin’s ice rink except with one difference with shoes not with skates so we would slide extra far with no control. “Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal” my team yelled as we had tied the game up. My brother slipped and ran right throught my cousin “Ah” he yelled as he fell to the cold hard ice.My mom opens the door and tells us to be safe, but it was to late my brother is coming right at me. “Whatever” I think in my head but I must have had some type of karma because of ignoring my mom. Now it is almost as if time stops. I hear the wind whoosh pat my head almost like it is saying quietly “watch out watch outwatch outI get a shiver down my spine I get scared. This is when I start to think I am psycho that I can hear the wind.I guess I should have listened to the wind because the next thing I know I am hit by my brother because he could not stop sliding on the ice. My vision blurs out, I fly over the edge and feel the wet grass touch my neck.I learned a couple things but the big one was that karma is a real thing.


Topic: Friends

I had just arrived at my friend’s house. I heard there new dog was really big but I did not know if that was a good thing or not but soon I would find out. “John Aaron is here” John was playing with his new dog. Him and his dog ran up stairs his dog was running at me “ah oh” I thought in my head. “Chelsea down down” John yelled. The next thing I knew I was talked by the dog. My shoes were flying the air because the dog ripped them off my feet. I felt that I was cage fighting with a dog. Finally I got the dog off of me but then there he goes again he jumped on me for the second time. I was thinking what I should do what should I do. So without thinking I punched the dog in the chest, not hard enough to hurt it but enough to get it off me get it off of me. “CRAP” I yelled “Chelsea, down” John yelled, Chelsea backed down. “Finally” I thought I might have just thought that was not the end of this fight I really wanted to hurt the dog but I didn’t because John is my friend and I like dogs so I just walked it off. It may have hurt but I did learn something that cooperation is key.