Once you have finished your stop action animation, please upload it to you-tube and post the link to it below .Underneath the link please write your team members names, what you enjoyed about this project, what you learned and what you would do differently next time.

Mary Sumner, Lauren, Felix and Ben
I enjoyed coming up with all the ideas at the begining. I learned about 21st century skills and how to work together as a group. I learned that you need to communicate with your team members. If I could have I would use my time more affectivly and making sure my group was using their time more wisely.

Sid, Nathan,Izzi and GG
some of the things I liked about the this projects was coming up with the ideas for the animation because it was really fun just puting out ideas and hearing what other people had to say. we learned a lot more about making stop motion animation like the fact that it takes 172 slides for one minute of film. next time something we would do differently is I would start out by having every one drawing instead of just one person at first. we should have divided and conquered from the first day.

Team members: Colin, Bella, Julia and Rory

Team members:Stephen P, Gwyneth L, Katie S, Chris B. We enjoyed taking pictures because we acctaully used people for our stop action video. I learned you should always use your time wisely because ours was a little late. What I would do differently next time, I would communicate with my teammates more.

Team: Chance, Hannah, Karrington, and Don
Hi, we made our video about a kid who stops the eco-bandit from polluting and the eco-bandit becomes an eco-helper! The eco-helper gets a trophi!!
Chance learned: That you can make stop-action videos with humans too!
Don: I learned that stop-action-videos can be frustrating, and when things fall over or don't go the way you want, you can feel that frustration.

Merrill B
Andrew D
Alex R
Ian K
We could have used Lego in the first place instead of trying to use clay and wasting 2 days.

AJ Learned that i movie is way better than movie maker 2005 i also learned to use time wisely like in class or at someones house what i would do diffrent is i would ask an expert

We enjoyed how much creativity we put in our stop action video.
We learned all the steps in the making of a stop action video

Grayson, Aaron, Olivia, and Kristin's Video:
This is our video about to boys running in the Hallway. One is a nerd and the other is a bully. The both run into each other and the bully gets mad. Watch it to find out the rest!

We learned as a team that stop motion videos are harder than we thought especially on whiteboards. We also learned we can work great together if we put our mind to it. The one thing that we could have changed is to change the angles of the pictures. We hope you enjoyed the video!

Team: David, Claire, Grace and Ethan

David and Ethan liked working with the Lego set, Grace and I enjoyed making up the storyboard. We learned more about movie maker and recording on audacity. We also learned some more problem solving skills. Plus, we learned other kinds of stop action movies that we never know about. We had to deal with computer complications, sound files not importing and blurry photos. But, we got through and worked it out. Next time I think we would be more organized and would spend more time on the initial video. We had a lot of complications so, next time things will probably be smoother.

Michael, Daniel, and Jamar's stop motion video.

Daniel has learned how to be more productive how to do stop motion videos and exporting the video onto youtube. Jamar has learned to Direct a video and help us with what we need to do. He has also learned to make audio recordings on imovie. Michael has learned to be more compatible with my fellow team mates. I've also learned to make stop motion videos on imovie.



Thomas, Alex,Jamie,Sean and Jordan's Stop action video

We learned that we can always keep on adding to the story. Also that sometimes you have to adapt to the things that arent planned.

Griffin Ian Mary Hannah
We enjoyed the drawings because we got to use are artistic side of us for school.
We learned that sometimes you have to do more than others in a group project
Next time what we would do differently is use a different medium.

Team: Josh, Anthony, Larissa, Sierra, Joseph
We Enjoyed Making The Sets Because We Get To Use Our Imagination To Make The Rooms Look How We Thought They Looked.
We Learned That Sometimes Some People Have To Do A Lot More Work Than Others And That You Have To Communicate.
Next Time What We Would Do Differently Is Try To Stay Focused And Get Things Done Faster.

Team: Joey, Harry, Caroline, TJ
There were a lot of parts that failed, the very first being our initial method was a failure. It was drawing. LINE BY LINE BY TEDIOUS LINE. Joey was our artist, and when he was absent, we had nothing to do because Joey was the only one with the distinct style we used. Also, I was annoyed by constant technical difficulties near the end, but we all pulled through to success!

andrew ian aj merill